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I'm now on Instagram!

I'm not a fan of social media but I do enjoy Instagram, apart from the crap ads on there.

I don't post my dinner, or what I'm going to do minute by minute and no personal stuff, although I might have a moan about stuff on there from time to time.

I keep it simple with work in progress, new excited posts when stuff is published and the occasional photo of my studio been supervised by Beebee my rescue cat.

I do sometimes feel like I know more about other peoples lives on there than I do my own!

If like me you feel a bit at a loss on how to get likes and followers try to ignore it all because it's not important - keep getting paid work pays the bills not flipping followers and likes!

Rant over :)

Anyway if you do want to follow the link is on this page.

Here's a photo of Beebee in my studio ^..^


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