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Colouring Books

I love working in line! It goes back to my days as an animator in the early 80's when everything and I mean EVERYTHING was hand-drawn! I had plenty of practise so when this project for an adult colouring in book my heart skipped a beat!

The client was Mom Books and it was a mix of artists. The illustrations for adults had to be decorative and detailed.

I got chatting to a girl in a certain bookshop and she was buying loads of colouring in books saying how much it's helped her with depression but she didn't have the confidence to create her own pictures. She mentioned that she'd add a few extra bits in the spaces - I kept this in mind when I created my illustrations.

I tried to make them appealing without being too daunting to colour.

These are just a small collection which I illustrated and I really enjoyed this project. I'd love to do more colouring in and for children too! Drop me a tinkle at if you'd like me to do some line work for one of your projects.


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