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Fame at Last!

For the past year I've had the pleasure of designing for cross stitch. I've had kits published with Goldleaf Needlework and also for The World of Cross Stitching Magazine and Cross Stitch Crazy Magazine.

Last month Cross Stitch Crazy did an interview with me. My new rescue cat Blue (Beebee) was keen to join in and I even did a design based on her.

Here's the article

I've also had designs published in both - this fox in The World of Cross Stitching ...

... and my Flowery Swan stitched for a cushion project.

My Christmas Dove was featured in Cross Stitch Crazy magazine ...

... and my little bird with flowers featured a month ago.

Here's my original illustration for this.

My Koi Fish design was published with sparkly bits added.

Here's some of my working images which i based on a line drawing from my portfolio.

... and a photo of my screen - swapping and playing with layers, changing colours, resizing then emailing to the editor then more changes - a bit like playing table tennis but with images ;)

This is the finished illustration which was sent off to production to be charted.

I'll have more designs published over the next months and into next year. #crossstitch #theworldofcrossstitchingmagazine #crossstitchcrazymagazine #needlework #crossstitchdesigns


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