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Tableware Mockups.

I LOVE doing mockups! It's a great way to see how your designs look on a product and makes it easier to sell a design too.

These are some mockups I recently did to send out as mail-outs.

This one I called Celebrate. I thought it'd be a fun design to have at a summer party and could be a paper set or ceramics.

It's based on the Portugal Rooster, a symbol of faith and good luck. I wanted it to be colourful and have a positive feel about it.

This one is based around seedheads. I love working in blue and white and all my work is inspired by nature. I hope the pink gives it a zappy feel as well as classical in style.

I love painting birds and I called this one Zingy Tropical. I hope this would be perfect for a hot summer evening before the rain starts.

All these are still available for license so please get in touch if you'd like to develop these or even work on some tableware with me.


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